Monday, 30 July 2007

Fecundity of the mind

This is a tribute to the mind. Where beauty mixes with gruesome horror. Where regardless of the efforts of man, beauty doesn't always seem to prevail... especially nowadays. And people seem to use their ding-dongs less and less; common sense is no more common.

evidence of the mind
found among anger's deformations
which little chokes, whence attempting to find
sanctified beauty within imaginations

to estimate malice
the short distance travel of thought
the foresight of grandeur
merely a breeze blown in a draught

fecundity of the mind
engage in greatness
waste not wisdom to conform
the power of amplitude, wastes not the will of percipience

daydreams fill the day with dreams...
this is Ben signing out and setting my brain to hibernate and defragment (sleep)


Anonymous said...

This sounds not you. Good, but conforming to what others want?

Ben Samin said...

Hey anonymous, do you know that you are my best critic and i have no idea who the heck you are!

so one question...

who the heck are you??

and how in the world did you know i was trying to impress others? what analysis techniques are you using? i'd love to apply them to my market research...

so to conclude, please give me an inkling of who you are... tell us... who the heck are you... : )

suzan abrams said...

Hello Ben,
Thanks for dropping by.
Love the sketches below.
You're a rebel aren't you, but not a fallen soldier. :)

suzan abrams

Anonymous said...

: )

just a fan

Anonymous said...

What i see in your poetry is a deep, cryptic, profound meaning that i can mildly grasp but greatly intrigues me. can you give us some footnotes to your poetry? it'll help us understand better. I love your stuff.

Ben Samin said...

Suzan! - : ) thanks for dropping by, and somehow, whenever someone calls me a rebel, i take is as a very regal compliment.. i'll be dropping by your blog more often, because by all means, it is cool.

Anonymous - you are getting irritatingly productive to me. I have no idea how you do it, but shall follow what you say.

suzan abrams said...

I'm shocked you find my blog cool, Ben but I'm not complaining. :)
Have added you on to my blogroll.