Monday, 30 July 2007

Fecundity of the mind

This is a tribute to the mind. Where beauty mixes with gruesome horror. Where regardless of the efforts of man, beauty doesn't always seem to prevail... especially nowadays. And people seem to use their ding-dongs less and less; common sense is no more common.

evidence of the mind
found among anger's deformations
which little chokes, whence attempting to find
sanctified beauty within imaginations

to estimate malice
the short distance travel of thought
the foresight of grandeur
merely a breeze blown in a draught

fecundity of the mind
engage in greatness
waste not wisdom to conform
the power of amplitude, wastes not the will of percipience

daydreams fill the day with dreams...
this is Ben signing out and setting my brain to hibernate and defragment (sleep)

Friday, 20 July 2007


I dug up some of my miscellanous papers that have been cluttering my room for the past few years and was about to dispose of them when i chanced upon a few sketches i drew 7 years ago. I thought it would be worth showing off and make me feel good about myself for a while, albeit my personal reveries being short lived, for (God forbid) i can't draw like this anymore. Practice makes perfect, and no one's perfect. So screw it. So tell me what u guys think ok? I don't think i'll be chancing upon many of these in the future.


small price for the development of the arts.

: ) si c'est bon!!

P.S. - forgive me for the substandard images for i shot them with a poor quality camera
P.P.S - there are a liiiiittle bit more but i won't post them all now, for fear of overshadowing the real stuff... ahhaa..

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Fallen Soldiers

fights of bane strewn pale

colors point far to the lands of hope

hearts of leaders stay left for sale

why we pursue, this fear of fear

close our eyes, advance the sword

through the bond of men

men who cannot hear

brothers be, after a war

brothers don't stay, anytime else

(let's stop the crap. shit, i feel like John Lennon now)

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Authority on Sloth

how heavy these bones
that carry the skin upon which it rests
oh the apathy for the lack of motion
when all is languid at its best

attempts to attempt
none but dormancy prevails
inertia swings form left to right
attempts are to no avail

oh how lazy these bones
that try and try
yet like bricks and stones
the once powerful clock scratches with a sigh

save me from torpescence
no aphorism may state the unstated
for this state remains listless

(shit i'm so lazy... even typing this out has been an ultimately sluggish effort and my fingers defy me by staying faineant. somebody help me! take me out of this slump!)

-socially maladroit

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Sit here,
sit here and you shall be whole.

sit here and all is good.
sit here with me, without me, it doesn't matter.

this chair is yours
sit, rock and sway.

this chair is comfortable
this armchair is plush and soft, but the rails are hard.
this armchair is velvet and hairy, suede at best...



Shadows of you

You should know
that there are pieces of your mouth
left here unintentionally

it follows around
the shadow of you
and it costs the world to breathe

today i'm thinking of you
with some new memory
and some gray old history
i trip everyday without thinking
just with the shadow of you.

sweetnesses in my life are ripped away

i'm here...

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

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Monday, 2 July 2007


marvels of nature
lay not in the great
not in the vast
save in the seas of slumber

hit the sack
catch some shuteye
waddle in slumber
steal sixty winks

from who is it stolen
for the thief marvels
in the great, vast
seas of slumber

-shagging the sack