Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Fallen Soldiers

fights of bane strewn pale

colors point far to the lands of hope

hearts of leaders stay left for sale

why we pursue, this fear of fear

close our eyes, advance the sword

through the bond of men

men who cannot hear

brothers be, after a war

brothers don't stay, anytime else

(let's stop the crap. shit, i feel like John Lennon now)


Anonymous said...

so far this has been my favorite ben. somehow ur words show the power of decades of thought. we are all reading and no, poetry is not depressing.

dreamer idiot said...

As anonymous said, this is probably the best of the lot... intriguing, yet it speaks

Leon Wing said...

I agree with both above here. And a belated but very happy bday to you. (Another Cancerian, eh?)

Ben Samin said...

hahaha thank you thank you! like i said.. i want a BIIIIGGG preasent. You guys flatter me alot, but yet howcome it's the poems that i personally don't like that turn out to get the greatest attention... i'm on the road now so cutting it short.. : ) again, i remain perplexed...