Thursday, 16 August 2007

Doodles - The Inherent Beauty

I have hence encountered the fearsome writers block but in the transition of literary mental secession, i have begun to doodle... : )

I was awaiting the the arrival of the highly unreliable public transport and my brain was irredeemably restless. I pulled out my pierre balmain pen (which traditionally writes like crap but looks good in my breast pocket, and was also a gift from a dear one) and started doddling on "the sun" paper.

Through theories of deduction and processes of elimination, i have deduced that the only time art is good is when it comes directly tied to an apparent emotion, e.g. boredom, fear, sadness, rage. I know it's a commonly know truth, but never did i expect this to be with such discernible truthness.

When we sit down with a pure intention to write, the abominations that result are horrible. But when you paint (either with a brush or with words) out of extemporary action, the beauty shows.

The beauty shows in honesty. In it's pure crystalized form.... With social conformity set in man's minds, these simple truths have expended into walls upon walls of superfical constituants. Simply put, when we truly madly deeply become our true selves without the need of any external factors, beauty always prevails. It is inherent in ALL of us, but for some, it's far too deep to retreive.

PURSUANT to that, i come to my point. I would like to boast a doodle i did this evening. It is nothing compared to what i used to be able to do, but i think with a little bit of honing, i may yet again retain my sketchers touch. This was just inspired by the strong wind that blew through the station.

(I know that this mile long explanation does not justify such a simple doodle, but it makes me feel good and i'll boast nonetheless)

p.s. now that i have deduced this, coupled with some pretty good advice from dreamer idiot (eugene), i shall be posting more poetry which i have jotted / doodled in my little black book, to subject it to all of your scrutiny and seasoned criticism. Truly appreciate it.


Fief said...

Hahahahahaha! If this is the case, when you open a gallery, the walls are going to be floor to ceiling with newspapers and doodles

RK Boo said...

Dr Boo eh? I'm flattered. :P Read your 'Fecundity of the Mind' poem. Love the first two stanzas--especially the line 'to estimate malice
the short distance travel of thought'. The last stanza doesn't seem to gel with the first two though.