Thursday, 23 July 2009

Which Time Warp has BEN been missing in? MOTHER FOREX-ERS!!

Hey mis amigos!! If you've been wondering where the secret gardens of the mind has been, haha, it's been busy doing my new business... my poetry is still locked inside here, but we all need to scrape a living no? so come PLEASE check out my new business blog at :


For those of you who are new to the concept of forex, THIS is how you trade on my dear platfrom MARKETIVA. I'm not promoting it per se, but it's probably the most trusted and the simplest one to use yet.

All this TALK of just forex has got alot of people drooling the floors, but it gets tough to visualize amidst the sea of technical jargon. well? HERE IT IS!! haha.. if you look closely at the pictures, u will see a column named "points" (aka pips). These number will represent the profits made in terms of points, regardless of the investment size.

As long as it's ALL GREEN, u are a profit maker, and you are what we call here, A MOTHER FOREXER. hahaha. Everyone will come across RED pips regularly but as long as you learn to manage your risk properly, you can avoid losing the BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG sums of money (like i did... at least i lost weight) trying to learn the market.

I will be posting more info on this and as Don Corleone once said, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. No horse heads though. AND I PROMISE YOU I WON'T POST MILES OF CRAPPY TESTIMONIALS!!! They SUCK big time.

YOU can learn this stuff if u have half a brain.

I'll be teaching anyone who's here in Malaysia, with very one-on-one classes, maximum 5 - 7 students at a time. And it's WAYYYY CHEAP! I will teach till u get it. For those overseas, I'll be giving online tutorials via a CHAT messenger of your prefference and u get extra reading materials.

As of now, if you'd like more info, just drop me an email at leaving me your name and address, and i will call you on a dime. : )

To the rest of you Mother Forexers and PIP Farmers out there, GOOD LUCK! wait for my daily news columns : ) adieu!

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