Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Business and Rock & Roll

Ahh the sweet effluvial aroma of the venue in which has borne witness to my many sober and unsober contemplations.. one quite incomprehensible to others, but relevant nonetheless.

And just like that, due to unforseen circumstances, my condition in absentia has enraged many... ok ok, hold the tomatoes and slippers.. before you throw them in this general direction, it all can be explained. I have left this space unattended to for so long.


there's always a but with ben; BUT, in the course of my missing-ness, there are MORE stories to tell, more thoughts to fondle and more conundrums to reconnoiter..

I'm here, so you can start your tomato throwing now.

I miss ALL of you, i wish i could've been there for ALL of you more, but it is in this sense that i am able to grow. mentally, and sideways.

sigining in,
Captain Adrift, Ben


dialicious said...

oh yea...welcome back..hehe..this is not a merapu all..ok!huhu..keep it up!

KodeeXII @ MyPortalGuide said...

and.. he disappears into the clouds once again... this time for god knows how long... will he reappear? wait for thee would thou?

Rob Kistner said...

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