Tuesday, 2 October 2007


St. Augustine once said that evil has no embodiments...
evil has no manifestations and has no form
evil was but an absence of good. Man's true self is good, but when he chooses to commit an evil act

he is but turning away from good
from who he truly is.


through my vast research into the human psyche, extensive exercises of deduction, and the multitude of emotional pursuits i have performed via experimantions vis-a-vis theoretical imperatives, i have found out the following:

There are no humans. There are only monkeys. The axiom = if good is found in man, good does not exist for there is no man. there are only monkeys.

Rationale: When one man brutally murders or rapes another human being (for example purposes), they say his act was "heinously inhumane".

Inhumane = lacking the qualities of a human, i.e. compassion, pity. Animal like.

animals do not rape, do not murder for the 5 dollars, do not take pictures of naked children, do not torture masses of populations by means of terrorism or kill in the name of God.

Ergo, if the arithmetical probability of the axiom is correct, here is no man.

Only monkeys.

hahahaha... today i am feeling irrationalbly resourceful, due to the reciept of a boost of inspiration from a past shadow.

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